Grammy-Nominated Fitness Fanatic (with Kitt Wakeley)

Today I’m talking to Grammy-nominated composer, producer, and songwriter Kitt Wakeley. Kitt has a decades-long career in music, and he’s also a lifelong fitness fanatic. He joins us to talk about finding a path to wellness in the demanding and temptation-filled music industry, including tips for how he stays on track while on the road in regard to nutrition and fitness. Kitt also talks about his bucket-list collaborators, rock & roll stereotypes, and much, much more.

Kitt Wakeley on the BarBend Podcast

In this episode of The BarBend Podcast, David Thomas Tao and Kitt Wakeley discuss:

  • Kitt is the second(!) Grammy-nominated artist on this podcast behind Ice-T (1:30)
  • Kitt takes us on his lifelong fitness journey, and how it became part of his artistic persona (2:30)
  • A normal week of fitness for the composer (6:30)
  • Why artists on the road need so much discipline (11:15)
  • The never-ending temptation of food while traveling for work and performance (13:40)
  • Pulling it together in airports and other tips on the road (17:00)
  • There are layers to this game, and orders of magnitude for performance and popularity (19:20)
  • Artists on Kitt’s collaboration bucket list (21:10)

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