Justin Medeiros and Sophia Rose Crowned 2023 Buttery Games Champions

The winning duo never let go of their overall leads after day one to claim the Buttery Games title.

The final episode of the Buttery Games , the fitness competition named after the hosts of the contest, the Buttery Bros Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers — aired on Jan. 18, 2023. The contest paired CrossFit Games athletes, strongmen , and other athletes in fitness, dance, pro wrestling , and powerlifting , to compete across obstacle courses , basketball, car racing, shuttle runs, and more.

In the final episode, participating athletes were challenged on their strength and endurance . The former showcased former World’s Strongest Man (WSM) champions Hafthor Björnsson and Martins Licis , and WSM competitor Rob Kearney . Check it out below:

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After six events, two-time reigning Fittest Man on Earth® Justin Medeiros and his teammate, Sophia Rose, were atop the leaderboard with a four-point lead over Alison Scudds and Jon “ Jujimufu ” Call.

The opening of the final part of the Buttery Games was a classic 21-15-9 rep-scheme workout:

Buy In — 1,200-meter row

21-15-9 reps for time of:

Buy Out — 1,200-meter row

Medeiros and Rose maintained their lead by winning the event with a time of 15:05. Call and Scudds crossed the finish line in second place at 15:45.

Licis and Brooke Wells claimed the bronze at a time of 19:34. Kearney and Alex Gazan were right behind them at 19:42.

Kari Pearce and Kai Greene did not finish within the time cap, as Greene struggled with managing his heart rate throughout the workout. Likewise, Björnsson could not finish the workout and withdrew during the thrusters.

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Truck Pull

The second event was an 80-foot truck pull using the “Buttery-mobile.” Medeiros was up first and closed the deal in 31.37 seconds. Rose needed some assistance from her teammate but crossed the line in a time of 1:07.

Licis is a master in the event and made easy work of it at 14.96 seconds. Using the momentum from a push by Licis, Wells moved the Buttery-mobile well to cross at 15.61.

Kearney had a solid run at 24.55 despite his shoe falling off midway through and helped Gazan convert a time of 15.75. Jujimufu struggled with his balance down the course and finished in 28.15 seconds. Scudds moved swiftly to a time of 16.20 seconds.

Pearce and Greene were out of podium contention but scored times of 20.03 and 45.70 seconds, respectively. Björnsson seemed displeased with his time of 15.65 seconds since it was not enough to beat Licis. His teammate and wife, Kelsey Hensen, finished in 18.85 seconds.

Deadlift For Reps

The final event of the Buttery Games was a deadlift for reps event with a combined weight of 360 pounds. That meant teams could decide if they wanted the male competitor to lift 225 or 275 pounds and the female competitors to lift 135 or 85 pounds, respectively. Teams had one minute to establish as many reps as possible.

Brendan Schaub subbed for Greene as Pearce’s teammate, and together, they locked out 89 reps. Björnsson struggled more with endurance than weight but put up an impressive 42 reps. Hensen locked out 52 reps, nearly one rep per second, to jump their team into the lead with 94 reps.

Kearney and Gazan didn’t let those standings hold for very long, as they knocked out 105 reps combined to move into first place. Call and Scudds thought similarly and converted a whopping 109 reps to move up atop the leaderboard.

Ellie Turner subbed in for Rose as Medeiros partner on the deadlifts, and together, they locked out 111 reps to take the win. Turner posted an event-best 57 reps. It locked Medeiros and Rose as the inaugural Buttery Games champions.

Featured image: @butterybros on Instagram