Jennifer Dorie Recaps Her 2022 Olympia Experience

Dorie shares her perspective after dropping the Bikini Olympia title to Maureen Blanquisco.

At the 2022 Olympia weekend in Las Vegas, NV, in mid-December 2022, the 2021 Bikini Olympia winner, Jennifer Dorie , took the stage with momentum on her side as the defending champion. She performed her posing routine just as planned to show off the improved physique she sought to bring year after year since becoming the division’s top bodybuilder .

While Dorie was part of the final moment of the division’s award ceremony, the judges did not rule in her favor. She was awarded the silver medal and passed the title of Bikini Olympia champion to Maureen Blanquisco .

On Jan. 15, 2023, Dorie took to her YouTube channel to share how she felt about her performance at the 2022 Olympia and her overall experience at the event. Check it out below:

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Following the Olympia, Dorie caught a sickness that congested her sinuses and garnered upper respiratory issues. After three weeks of recovery, she was back to form and turned on the camera to share her experience.

Dorie thought that she had physique improvements to make after winning the Bikini Olympia in 2021. She felt she delivered on those improvements during her off-season and was pleased with the package she brought.

Everything I envisioned and wanted to look like came to life on stage.

Everything Dorie wanted was ever so slightly off the mark of what the judges were looking for. Blanquisco was given six points on the official scorecards , while Dorie was given nine — six points fewer than bronze medalist Ashley Kaltwasser . For reference, in bodybuilding, the higher the score, the lower the overall rank.

I did get to show off my best physique.

Dorie felt that there was a consensus between the fans, the judges, and herself that her 2022 Olympia physique was the best package she’s ever brought in her five career trips to the Olympia.

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Judges Feedback

The judges told Dorie they felt her glutes could have been fuller, which she agreed with. She prioritized her conditioning for 2022 as that was the area of biggest improvement she was given after winning the title in 2021.

I don’t think I was flat by any means, but I could have been a little bit fuller.

On more of a technical note, during side posing, Dorie was apparently posing with her feet misaligned, which caused her hips to be positioned in a suboptimal way for showing off her physique. She will get a chance to improve upon that at the 2023 Arnold Classic in March, which she is confirmed for. It will be her third career appearance at that contest.

Featured image: @jenniferdorie_ifbbpro on Instagram